Case Closed!: New Holland’s Innovative Agriculture Solutions Are Right for You.

Case Closed!: New Holland’s Innovative Agriculture Solutions Are Right for You.

Unmatched Agricultural Excellence – New Holland tractors offer a wide range of models that can significantly enhance your agricultural productivity, particularly the New Holland TT75 and the New Holland TD95. These models exemplify the versatility that New Holland is known for, catering to farms of all sizes and crop types.

What you can look forward to:

New Holland TT75:

The New Holland TT75 tractor is equipped with outstanding power, speed, lift capacity, and pulling strength, far exceeding expectations while maintaining high fuel efficiency. Starting from just $21,000, it is an affordable yet robust choice for any farming operation. With a powerful 75-horsepower engine, the TT75 offers the versatility needed for various tasks on the farm. At its heart is a world-renowned New Holland engine, celebrated for its ruggedness and reliability. This engine delivers excellent torque characteristics, ensuring the TT75 can handle heavy loads and demanding field conditions with ease. The combination of high performance and fuel efficiency makes the New Holland TT75 a smart investment for maximizing productivity and minimizing operating costs.

New Holland TD95: Starting at $31,000.

If you have large-scale farming operations, you may require a row crop tractor. These tractors are specifically designed for row-crop farming, where crops are planted in rows with narrow spacing. The TD95 offers 100hp, allowing you to efficiently work on large fields. It is equipped with features like 12×12, 30kph Synchro Shuttle™ 30 kph transmission. The transmission gearbox is designed with helical cut gears and an overlapped gear train, which guarantees seamless and accurate gear shifts. Additionally, the TD95 Straddle transmission produces minimal heat and noise, which contributes to a comfortable working environment. Tractors are available from $31,000.

Why Choose Croco Commercial

At Croco Commercial, we believe in empowering our customers with the knowledge and skills to get the most out of their commercial machinery. When you purchase a New Holland Tractor, you will receive free user training and demonstrations and service for the first 50 hours! Our expert team will guide you through the truck’s features and best practices, ensuring you maximize its potential and efficiency.

Experience the excellence of New Holland tractors and discover why it’s the right choice for your agricultural needs. Visit your nearest Croco Commercial/Duly’s AgriQuip branch for more information and see how our innovative solutions can transform your farming operations.

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