Going Further with Croco Ford

Going Further with Croco Ford

Purchasing a new car is one of life’s more exciting experiences, similarly for business owners and corporates, purchasing fleet vehicles is one step towards providing top-notch service to customers, ensuring the smooth flow of business and the capacitation of their teams. As vehicles are such relevant investments, it is important to choose the right partner for all vehicle needs, a partner that delivers on their promise and on value for money.

Croco Ford, Croco Motors’ flagship business unit, is the perfect vehicle needs partner in the country. Not only is Croco Ford best placed to serve the Zimbabwean market but also holds the exclusive Ford Dealership in the country, together with Duly Motors. Croco Ford is able to meet the diverse needs of Zimbabwean individuals, corporates and various organisations due to its large range of vehicles, from the compact Ford Figo, perfect for a fleet, to the legendary Ford Ranger and today’s iconic Raptor that are perfect for any environment.

Globally Ford has been mastering the art of vehicle engineering since 1903. With over a century of experience, Ford has revolutionized the auto industry and has constantly remained ahead of the game, surpassing most other names in the global automotive industry and making the Ford brand a pioneer in auto technology and engineering. Today, Ford is among the top names when it comes to the best automobiles in the world.

Engines need to be serviced, they are designed to require maintenance to keep them in good working order and to prolong their longevity and ultimately the car’s overall life span. Croco Ford’s brand promise is centred on “the journey continues”, a reflection of Croco Ford’s obsession on delivering valuable, lifelong partnerships and resultantly their renowned vehicle servicing. In addition to a very attractive warranty of 100 000km or 3 years and 120 000km or 4 years Croco Ford offers affordable, superior and expert vehicle servicing. The workshops are equipped with the latest state of the art diagnostic equipment and manned by highly trained and qualified Ford technicians. The official dealership status means regular and consistent access to genuine parts and accessories for use in all repairs and services. Regular servicing, also allows Ford trained technicians to identify any potential problems or worn components before they become major safety concerns or turn into costly repairs for the client.

Croco Ford has a wide distribution network with workshops in almost all major Zimbabwean cities and towns. This accessibility is deliberate so as to support the effortless access to any after sales needs that clients may require and for the regular servicing and repairs for all vehicles.

For any vehicle needs, call or Whatsapp Croco Ford today on 077 86 291067 or visit

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